The Business Numbers Podcast was created to help entrepreneurs learn about the important numbers in their business.

The podcast is very light on dry, abstract theory. Instead the focus is on the real stories of other entrepreneurs, to use as examples and case studies and a much-less-boring learning experience.

And we’re not just talking about revenue and marketing conversion metrics. Those are important numbers, but there are so many other important numbers that don’t get discussed enough in other podcasts and blogs, including the most important: profit and cash flow.

About the host, Ben McAdam

I started my career in accounting over a decade ago with the intention of helping businesses with their numbers. I found that most businesses barely got their numbers to their tax accountant, and they certainly weren’t using their numbers to manage the performance and growth of their business.

After years of consulting as a Virtual CFO and running my Australian tax practice, I co-founded an online bookkeeping service to help businesses get their numbers together. That business grew to $250k in annual revenue and a team of 11 in the first 18 months before I sold my share to my co-founder in December 2016.

Now I focus on helping entrepreneurs through the Business Numbers Podcast and my Virtual CFO consulting. Apart from work, I enjoy spending time with my young daughter and travelling to new places.