13: Cate Richards – business failures, financial habits, selling a business, AirBNB

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My guest today is Cate Richards, the owner of Team Bonding in Sydney. Team Bonding is a corporate retreat service that organises fun corporate team building events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Cate takes us on a journey to how she was able to make Team Bonding a successful business. She discusses her financial hardships and offers advice for any business owner who finds themselves on the wrong side of the profit margin.

In this episode:

  • Cate’s time in marketing and advertising.
  • Her first business failure and how she bounced back.
  • The second business failure that led to Team Bonding.
  • What made Team Bonding different from her other businesses.
  • The good financial habits Cate learned through her experience.
  • Cate’s attempts to sell the business and what she has learned.
  • The pros and cons of the Airbnb business and why Cate enjoys it.
  • Cate’s advice for struggling entrepreneurs.

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