14: Nate Ginsburg – Amazon FBA success, team and investing

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My guest today is Nate Ginsburg, an ecommerce business owner who got his start in the Amazon FBA sphere. After selling part of his business, he has pivoted into business investing. Today he shares how he was able to make the transition from freelance work to full-blown ecommerce to business investing.

Nate also has some great insights on how to build the right team for your business, as well as how tracking your business numbers could be the difference in scaring off or finding an investor or business partner.

In this episode:

  • Nate’s beginnings in freelance marketing work.
  • How he was able to set aside the freelance work and focus on ecommerce.
  • How a new business partner helped push Nate to get his numbers sorted effectively.
  • The process Nate went about building his team.
  • The importance of a great team.
  • How Nate was able to correct some of his past business mistakes.
  • The path Nate took for selling his business.
  • Nate’s advice to future investors.
  • His opinion on diversification.
  • Nate’s parting thoughts.

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