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My guest today is Coran Woodmass from TheFBABroker.com. Coran is a business broker who specialises in sales of FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) businesses. Today, Coran shares what he learned from his first business sales and how it affected his company’s bottom line. He offers advice to business owners about how to make their company as valuable as possible.

Tune in for some solid advice on how to prepare your FBA business for the selling process.

In this episode:

  • What Coran’s first business taught him about customer service.
  • How one small change can dramatically change your profitability.
  • What is cash on cash return?
  • The business models that can be sold (and the ones that can’t.)
  • 6 key points sellers need to consider when evaluating their business.
  • How expanding your business can add value.
  • Common stumbling blocks in the sale process.
  • The importance of integrity.
  • How to prepare for the sale of your company.
  • Avoiding seller’s remorse.
  • The unexpected surprises that come up for business owners.
  • Preventive measures sellers can take to make the sale process easier.

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