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Nathan Hirsch is the founder of Freeeup.com (with 3 “e”s), an online freelancer marketplace designed to take the hassle out of hiring a freelancer.

Nathan began his e-commerce experience with selling textbooks out of his dorm room in college. From there he started a drop-shipping business that grew at a wild pace. Along the way, he learned the hard way how to run a business and build the right team for the company.

In this episode:

  • Nathan’s e-commerce beginning.
  • What Freeeup.com does for its clients.
  • Nathan’s experience with Amazon and drop-shipping business.
  • Coping with a high turnover rate and how he fixed it.
  • The importance of building a positive business culture.
  • The Amazon margin “sweet-spot.”
  • Why opening an office was a mistake for Nathan.
  • The 2 keys to hiring the right person.
  • Why trial and error are two of the best teachers in business.
  • The 3 attributes Freeeup looks for in a freelancer.
  • How a client can get the most from a freelancer.
  • How Freeeup works.
  • How Nathan started Freeeup.
  • The importance of looking at the business data regularly.

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