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Today, Sam Alvarez joins me to talk about a subject many listeners have been asking me to cover. Sam is a sales and business relationship coach. Her goal is to teach people how to build a rapport with people and make sales without high-pressure techniques.

We talk about Sam’s process and online courses she offers to clients to help them have better sales conversations without selling. She also tells me about her unconventional work history and nomadic lifestyle. Sam is a fascinating person and she is a gold mine of sales advice. She offers some practical and very actionable advice to help you find your sales confidence and have better business relationships.

In this episode:

  • Sam’s unusual work history and world traveling.
  • What a sales and relationship coach does.
  • Sam’s language course.
  • The 2 elements Sam uses to teach languages.
  • Why she created the course.
  • The difference between sales and marketing.
  • The “net” and the “spear.”
  • Sales are emotion based, not logical.
  • Why Sam doesn’t focus on closing the deal.
  • The 3 keys to making sales.
  • 2 ideal points in a conversation to discuss your product.
  • Why you can’t be attached to a sale’s outcome.
  • When an ideal client is a growth opportunity.
  • When an ideal client isn’t really ideal.
  • Know what you need in an ideal client.
  • Pricing is in your head.
  • The 3 tent poles of Sam’s coaching.
  • The difference between a coach and a therapist.

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