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My guest today is Mandi Ellefson of Hands Off CEO. Mandi helps service business owners to find more time, delegate better to their teams, and grow their profitability.

In this episode:

  • Mandi’s property manager past.
  • How she pivoted into web design.
  • Lessons Mandi learned during that time of her life.
  • Why you need to be picky about your clients.
  • What happens to your business when you have the wrong clients.
  • When to raise your rates.
  • Where can you provide value?
  • Have a good offer for the client.
  • How to proactively market yourself.
  • The events that led to Hands Off CEO.
  • Two powerful tips Mandi has for the listeners.
  • Common mistakes owners make in a service business.
  • Mandi’s advice for the listeners.

Links and Mentions:

Any big “a ha” moments for you while listening? Got a favourite takeaway? Let me know in the comments below.

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