27: Q&A – fewer big or many small customers

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Today’s episode is a Q & A session. I was recently asked, “Is it better to have fewer big customers or many smaller customers?” Well, the short answer is, it depends on what you want to achieve in your business. I elaborate on this in more detail, and I have some pros and cons about aiming for large customers versus catering to smaller customers. If you are not sure which method you want to try, I might have some insight for you to help your decision.

In this episode:

  • What is your ideal audience?
  • Which type of business model are you using?
  • The pros and cons of serving larger clients.
  • The pros and cons of serving smaller companies.
  • How well can you keep track of customer demands?
  • The benefits of having a variety of customers.
  • How to experiment to find your best business approach.

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Any big “a ha” moments for you while listening? Got a favourite takeaway? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for listening!

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