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My guest today is John Ainsworth, the founder of Data-Driven Marketing, a digital marketing firm dedicated to helping online businesses maximise their marketing strategies. We talk about John’s journey from door-to-door book sales, through using his knowledge to encourage people into sports activities, through to virtual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) work through Data-Driven Marketing and explains his 5 steps to help his clients increase their revenue using marketing data.

In this episode

  • John’s time as a door to door salesman, selling books.
  • John’s experience working for a marketing agency.
  • How Make Sport Fun began.
  • The challenges that are common in a fitness-focused project.
  • How John grew Make Sport Fun as a business.
  • The method John used to hire new employees.
  • The beginning of Data-Driven Marketing.
  • The 5 step process John uses to help clients get on the right track.
  • The importance of having good analytics.
  • How to filter out the useful information.
  • John’s free video course.
  • John’s advice to listeners.

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