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My guest in this episode is Michaela Light, the host of the Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast. She is also the author of Intuitive Leadership Mastery and What Would It Take? Michaela founded TeraTech, a cold fusion based software company, and in recent years she has also been coaching and consulting about using intuition in business.

During today’s episode, we follow Michaela on her entrepreneurial journey. Her story is very dramatic and inspiring for those riding the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial road. Prior to 2008, Michaela was responsible for a nation-wide cold fusion conference. She describes what it was like organising such a large event and some of the behind-the-scenes aspects that people tend to forget.

TeraTech hosted the conference for eleven years until it was no longer feasible. Michaela has some fascinating insights from her time coping with the 2008-9 crash. Tune in for her amazing story!

In this episode:

  • Michaela’s early career and move to the United States.
  • The beginning of TeraTech.
  • How Michaela kept track of her numbers in the early days.
  • How to calculate a realistic rate.
  • How the Cold Fusion Conference began.
  • The mistakes that were made during the 11 year run of the conference.
  • How Michaela coped with the 2008 financial crash and terrible debt.
  • How Michaela got out of debt.
  • The move to Latin America and how it changed her business.
  • The beginning of Intuitive Leadership Mastery.
  • The role intuition plays in business.
  • WWIT (What Would It Take?) and how to use it.
  • Michaela’s advice for the audience.

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