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John Gillingham, the founder of AccountingPlay.com, is my guest today. John used his background in accounting to help CPA students expand their education and refresh their skills. He has also developed some top rated apps for the iTunes store.

John’s lifelong goal has been to be his own boss and he has been able to do that with great results. We discuss John’s journey into app development and how remote teams have helped him reach his goals. We explore the challenge of working on a small budget and getting a service or product off the ground.

In this episode:

  • Why John became a CPA.
  • His time in the corporate sphere and why he didn’t like it.
  • How John transitioned from an office setting to self-employment.
  • The rocky years of app development.
  • How a podcast has helped John reach more people.
  • The reality of self-employment and app design.
  • The cost of living and how that impacts profits.
  • Deciding what to include in a premium membership.
  • Deciding on app features.
  • Why audio learning is important.
  • John’s self-employment course.
  • How John empowers his clients.
  • Why offer paid and free content?
  • The process of putting together a remote team.
  • Why you shouldn’t be quick to develop something from scratch.

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  1. Fantastic podcast, very educational and inspiring about both accounting and mobile app entrepreneurship!

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