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Kylah Morrison is the CEO of the Karratha & Districts Chamber of Commerce & Industry. On today’s episode, she joins me to discuss her journey to this unique career opportunity. Kylah began her career as an engineer in the corporate space. She then pivoted into doing business coaching out of her home. When she realized she needed a change, she took her current position and found an area of business she fit into quite well.

Kylah looks back on her time as a business coach and shares some of the lessons she took from the experience. We discuss the problem mental blocks can cause for entrepreneurs and how to break through them to move forward in your business. Kylah tells me about her own struggle with deciding on pricing and seeing the value of her services.

And of course, she answers the big question, what does the CEO of a chamber of commerce do?

In this episode:

  • Kylah’s time in the corporate world.
  • How she eased into business coaching.
  • The mind shift that helped Kylah determine her prices.
  • The role mind blocks play in growing your business.
  • How to sell the value of your business.
  • Why Kylah left business coaching.
  • What does a CEO do?
  • How Kylah prepared for her position.
  • The importance of accountability.
  • The business and growth opportunities that are possible for Karratha.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of yourself or your business!

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