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My guest today is Ryu Noai, the owner of the Australian tax firm Impala Accountants. Ryu is a seasoned traveller who uses his international experience to help small businesses navigate the pitfalls of international taxes. He tells me about his adventures abroad and how his education allowed him some unique opportunities.

Ryu answers some common questions that many Australians have and he addresses some international tax issues. We also discuss the common problems people create for themselves during tax season.

In this episode:

  • Ryu’s time in University and his double degree.
  • His 5 years working for a small family owned accounting firm.
  • The trip to England.
  • How to get qualified as an accountant in Australia.
  • How working as a commercial business accountant is different from a tax firm.
  • Ryu’s year in Japan.
  • Ryu’s time on an Australian tax firm’s international tax team.
  • The importance of maintaining good working relationships.
  • Why Ryu decided to create his own tax firm.
  • The challenges Ryu dealt with while building his firm.
  • What are digital taxes, and when do they apply?
  • How America’s tax system differs.
  • When are travel expenses deductible?
  • How does tax residency work?
  • When is the best time to make Super payments?
  • Ryu’s advice to listeners.

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