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My guest today is Shayna Oliveira, the creator of Espresso English and the host of the podcast Entrepreneurs in Motion. Espresso English is an online course series that teaches English as a second language. Shayna began her career as an English teacher in Brazil. After seeing her students would benefit from an online version of her lessons, she began a daily blog that reviewed her lessons for her students.

Shayna tells me how her blog became a successful online course business. We discuss how she generates traffic and how she meets the needs of her customers. We also discuss the decision process behind hiring and outsourcing help for your business. Shayna also has some practical advice for anyone who would like to get into the online course market.

In this episode:

  • Shayna’s time as a classroom English teacher.
  • Why she decided to create online lessons.
  • The process Shayna used to create her early lessons.
  • The pivot into paid content.
  • How Shayna sold her first online course.
  • The 3 channels Shayna uses to generate traffic.
  • How she built her course library.
  • The need for a communications manager and why Shayna hasn’t hired one yet.
  • The importance of not procrastinating when providing pre-paid content.
  • The common approaches to decide price points.
  • Basing your pricing on your audience.

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