38: Q&A – my influences and inspirations

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Today I continue with my Q&A sessions. Today’s question comes from members of my group program, who have asked me to discuss some of my influences and inspirations. So, I have made a list of books and content creators who have really helped me navigate my career. Keep in mind that some of this is taken from memory as a young man, so some of these recommendations might not hold up as well in today’s market.

If you would like to ask me a business question, just send it along and I’ll see what I can do!

In this episode:

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad started it all.
  • The lessons from The Richest Man in Babylon.
  • How Think and Grow Rich helps with goal-setting.
  • My early exposure to Brian Tracy.
  • What the 4 Hour Work Week is really about.
  • Why you should check out WP Curve’s Blog
  • Other places I find encouragement and accountability.
  • Why a good network is key to finding inspiration.

Links and Mentions

Any big “a ha” moments for you while listening? Got a favourite takeaway? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for listening!

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