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Dominic Wells is the founder of Human Proof Designs. A tech company, Human Proof Designs builds niche websites for their clients. Dominic explains affiliate sites and marketing for newcomers.

He tells me how he went from teaching English in Taiwan to designing websites and growing a successful online business. Dominic discusses hiring and keeping the delicate balance of profit and growth. He also has some practical advice for people wanting to jump into affiliate marketing.

In this episode:

  • Dominic’s time as an English teacher overseas.
  • The beginning of Human Proof Designs.
  • How the book, The 4 Hour Workweek influenced him.
  • What is an affiliate site?
  • Why Dominic chose affiliate marketing.
  • How Dominic educated his potential clients.
  • When he hired help.
  • The hang-ups he had about hiring help.
  • The results from Dominic’s hiring.
  • How to measure marketing success.
  • Dominic’s tips for newcomers to affiliate marketing.
  • Options for people who want to sell their site.
  • Other uses for affiliate marketing.
  • Dominic’s parting advice to the audience.


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