Basic Concepts Webinar (optional)

Ben McAdam Episodes

NOTE: as you can see by the date on this post (2017!), these are a little old. I’m in the process of updating them!

Here’s a webinar that covers the basic concepts that are often discussed on the podcast.

You don’t have to watch these to get a lot of value from the podcast. They’re just here to help if you want more info.

I broke up the webinar into smaller videos, so that you can more easily find the concept that you want to learn about.

1. Profit & Loss / Income Statement
2. Balance Sheet, Debtors, Creditors
3. Gross/Net Profit Margin, Pricing and Margins, Margin vs Markup
4. Budgets
5. Cash flow

Profit & Loss / Income Statement

Useful for monitoring the profitability and performance of your business.

Balance Sheet, Debtors, Creditors

Useful for monitoring the value of your business (balance sheet), making sure your customers pay on time (debtors), and paying your suppliers on time (creditors).

Gross/Net Profit Margin, Pricing and Margins, Margin vs Markup

Useful for monitoring your costs compared to income, and calculating your prices.


Useful for keeping your business efficient in the future, before money is spent.

Cash flow

Useful for checking that your business has enough cash in the future to pay bills, staff, taxes, etc.

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